Time has allowed the consolidation of the brand, and today Maverick Yachts is currently building Yachts from 32 ‘to 60’ and always addeding, elements such as quality, exclusivity and performance what have undoubtly positioned the company into the best and competent artisan Yacht builder into the international markets.

Our Job doesn`t end at finish and delivery… our team takes care of your boat wherever it is in the world. We know our yachts inside out and can assist you at any moment.

Why Maverick? When I joined Maverick almost 20 years ago, I found myself partnered with two great people. Richard (Bim) Lebo, and Daniel Espinoza. I also found the Spanish Fly. A 42’ Fly Bridge sportfishing boat, she was exceptional. Cold molded with mahogany trim and whatever was needed for serious fishing. Producing record numbers of sailfish and marlin with regularity, she inspired me to buy a Maverick, join the team, and eventually acquire the company.

What drew me to Maverick in the first place has remained the foundation of what we now build. One of the finest sport fishing boats being built today. The craftsmen found in Costa Rica have skills honed by generations of furniture building and other fine woodwork. Some of our senior people have been building cold molded fishing boats in Costa Rica for decades. Now they build Mavericks. No boat builder anywhere has finer fit and finish, and none builds a more solid boat. No one. Anywhere.

Big words? Yes, they are, but we are here to show you why they are true words.

My original motivation, the Spanish Fly, is still fishing. She regularly runs over 200 trips a year in charter, and has for almost 20 years. Some years over 250 trips. That adds up to over 40,000 hours at sea, and she just sold for about 50% more than she cost new. Her new job? Stay in the Maverick fleet and keep on keeping on. Another 40,000 hours? It’s in the cards.

Maverick boats are built for dependability, longevity, ease of maintenance, fishability and unsurpassed value. Never a corner cut in manufacture. Never a cheaper alternative component in the build, and no compromise in quality. Ever.


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100 meters east of Caña blancal bridge, Herradura Garabito.

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